Imagine a hearing aid that can process sound the way it’s meant to be heard — clear and true to life. Designed to always be a step ahead, so you’re ready for anything. And with the all-day power to help ensure you don’t miss a moment of life happening around you.

Now, picture starting each day with confidence in knowing you will stay informed, feel independent, and maintain connections with your friends, family, and community — while embracing the simple joys of listening to nature, music, TV, movies and more.

Guess what? Intrigue AI is that hearing aid.

Experience the most true-to-life sound yet

Wearing assistive technology like hearing aids can take some getting used to. So you can’t help but get excited by a hearing aid like Intrigue AI that works and feels like an extension of you: Not only do Intrigue AI hearing aids provide true-to-life sound quality, but they also continuously take care of your hearing needs as they arise — just like your brain would.

Intrigue AI hearing aids better mimic the way we hear

Intrigue AI hearing aids contain innovative Neuro Sound Technology, which allows the hearing aids to better replicate how the human brain processes sound.

They’re so smart, they think like you do

By mimicking the cerebral cortex of your brain, Intrigue AI “fills in the gaps” when your hearing is impaired. They help you hear those missed sounds quickly and accurately, so you never have to miss a moment.

They’re so fast, they adapt before you can

Intrigue AI hearing aids make over 80 million personalized adjustments every hour. So you can count on better hearing wherever you are or whatever you’re doing — without having to do anything.

Ten ways Intrigue AI hearing aids help you hear better — and live better

Re-engineered from the ground up, Intrigue AI hearing aids were specifically designed to help wearers:

1. Distinguish words and speech more intuitively and naturally

Intrigue AI hearing aids help you hear others the way they were intended to be heard, which can improve your communications and keep you informed.

2. Hear soft sounds without distracting noise

Fainter sounds still matter — children’s voices, the buzz of an oven timer, the beauty of a bird’s chirp without wind getting in the way. Intrigue AI hearing aids help you hear them through the background noise, so you can stay aware of your surroundings and connected to others.

3. Reduce the effort it takes to listen and hear

Designed to make voices clearer and sounds more natural and balanced, Intrigue AI hearing aids help diminish that all-too-familiar strain of trying to hear.

4. Hear comfortably and discreetly

Wearing hearing aids all day is important to your hearing and overall well-being, which is why Intrigue AI hearing aids are designed to fit snugly, discreetly and comfortably. And that applies to either style, standard or custom.

5. Enjoy long-lasting rechargeable power

Intrigue AI hearing aids are built to keep pace with your life, providing up to 51 hours of better hearing on a single charge. So you can charge them overnight, wear them all day long without worry, all while enjoying some serious streaming.

6. Be as active as you like — thanks to built-tough durability

Your Intrigue AI hearing aids are designed to withstand sweat, moisture, drops to the ground, and whatever life dishes out.

Wait, there’s more — when you connect to My Audibel app

Discover even more ways to stay connected to family, friends, and the world around you when you link your Intrigue AI hearing aids to the My Audibel app on your Apple or Android phone (go here to check compatibility).

7. Hear better in tricky places with Edge Mode+

The Edge Mode+ feature uses friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to reduce background noise and make speech clearer on demand. Ideal for sudden noise increases in restaurants or other busy venues, or when speech becomes difficult to understand.

8. Stream calls and entertainment

Experience even more true-to-life listening with the ability to easily stream calls, music, video audio, and more — directly to your hearing aids.

9. Monitor your health and well-being

Connecting to My Audibel gives your hearing aids the power to count your steps, track your hearing and engagement, and achieve your well-being goals. You’ll even receive personal insights into your activities and noise levels.

Intrigue AI is also the only hearing aid that can detect falls and alert family and friends, keeping you safe while active.

10. Maintain independence and peace of mind with Hear Share

Share the hearing, activity, and safety information of your choice with loved ones or other caregivers by inviting them to download Hear Share. The companion app to My Audibel, Hear Share is a great way to keep up your independence and provide peace of mind for everyone.

Make a sound decision for better living

Hearing loss happens to the best of us. But with Intrigue AI hearing aids, you can take back all the meaningful moments you’ve been missing and enjoy life the way you deserve to.

Make it a new beginning for better hearing with the hearing aid that helps you hear better and live better than ever before — Intrigue AI.

How to try Intrigue AI hearing aids

Whether you’ve been putting off getting hearing aids or are ready to upgrade your current ones, now is the time to experience Intrigue AI hearing aids for yourself. But you can only get them from a hearing care professional.

Find out what noises you may be missing! Schedule an appointment today for a hearing consultation.